8 things to know about the male orgasm

How does the male orgasm work? The climax of pleasure has always been one of the great fascinations of sexuality. Its intensity and its way of making us lose all contact with reality only accentuates our desire to repeat this experience again and again. Is the female orgasm more complex than the male orgasm? Perhaps, but the fact remains that male enjoyment has its share of interesting facts! Here are eight.

orgasms-for-menEjaculation does not mean orgasm

We often associate ejaculation with orgasm, but it can happen, in some cases, that one is dissociated from the other. A man can have an orgasm without ejaculation and vice versa. In the first case, it may be an organic malformation where semen is propelled into the bladder instead of out ( retrograde ejaculation ). Ejaculation without orgasm is often linked to a “missed orgasm” where the man is distracted at the wrong time and ejaculation occurs even though the nervous system has not followed. Some people also report feeling

Orgasm during sex is more satisfying

At the University of Paisley, Scotland, a study was carried out on the difference between orgasm through masturbation and that obtained during sexual intercourse. The researchers measured the level of prolactin secreted after orgasm in both situations and it seems that the amount of this hormone related to excitement is four times higher during coitus. So orgasm during lovemaking would be four times more satisfying for a man than one obtained manually. Of course, everyone’s sexuality can vary and we don’t all have the same erogenous zones.

Of short time

The male orgasm is relatively short-lived. Generally, it lasts only between five and twenty seconds compared to the woman who can feel her orgasm up to sixty seconds!

The amount of semen

On average, the man ejaculates the amount of one tablespoon. The volume may vary depending on the number of days of abstinence, but after six days without ejaculation, the quantity of sperm no longer increases. Pornography makes many men dream about the possibility of ejaculating a phenomenal amount of sperm, but the reality is quite different . Firstly because it’s cinema, therefore, arranged with the guy in the views but also because the overabundance of sperm during ejaculation can be a sign of an inflammation of the prostate called spermatorrhea.

The multi-orgasmic capacity, not always on point

Unlike women, men do not have a great multi-orgasmic capacity. After ejaculation, the man needs a rest period which varies according to the age or the intensity of the sexual relation. It would seem that only between 15 and 20% succeed, but a lot of Tantric -type practice is necessary. It is better to take advantage of this refractory period in order to regain strength for next time… Remember that sex should be a moment of pleasure, of joy, and not an additional performance in life.

A more centered enjoyment

The sensations of the male orgasm are felt in a rather centralized way. Unlike the woman who usually feels her orgasm through her whole body, the man perceives it more at the level of his genitals.

The P-spot

male orgasm“P” for prostate so we are talking here about prostatic orgasm. Referring to the famous G-spot in women, the P-spot seems to be linked to an orgasm of great intensity in men. It is possible to achieve this by introducing (in a gentle and sensual way!) your index finger into the anus to reach the prostate and perform a kind of massage. There are also sex toys specially designed for this kind of practice. Make sure you have your partner’s consent before you start a duo. Otherwise, you can explore this pleasure on your own, it is even recommended!

Difficulties reaching orgasm

In men, difficulty reaching orgasm can occur at any time and several factors may be involved. They can be related to age, illness or certain medications, but also to various psychological difficulties including stress, performance anxiety, lack of self-esteem and depression. It can also be a lack of excitement or a drop in sexual desire. Do not hesitate to meet with a sexologist if this difficulty makes you feel uneasy.